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Best Hair Dryer Reviews and Buying Guide

A Hair dryer or blow dryer is an electromechanical device that blows ambient or hot air over damp hair to speed the evaporation of water to dry the hair.

The best hair dryers that we’ve been testing all had one thing in common – ionic technology. This technology releases negative ions in wet hair towards the positive ions. This is said to induce faster evaporation of water molecules, reducing the time it takes to dry as well as avoiding unnecessary damage to steam.


When selecting a hair dryer, consider how well your hair type can manage. If you have long hair, a big, bulky dryer will soon leave your arms aching. Curly hair, huh? Dryers with diffusers are going to make a big difference to your style. People with fine hair don’t need a lot of power or heat, and if your hair is thick, try a concentrate nozzle dryer to help tame your mane.

Hair Dryer Buying Guide

Before you purchase a hairdryer, do go through the below tips that will help you choose the best hair dryer for your hair.

Wattage – put, the higher the wattage, the more heat will it release and you can dry or style your hair in lesser time. Thick, long and curly type hair need higher wattage hair dryers while fine and thin hair types can be styled with gentler drying options.

Weight and size – A bulky hair dryer will make you tired especially if you have long or dense hair. A lightweight hairdryer will not put a strain on you because hair drying and styling takes time.

Technology – From ionic feature to tourmaline or ceramic coating, from metal to coil material, from diffusor to concentrator – all these technologies make a difference to your hair drying experience. A hairdryer with a cold shot helps retain a hairstyle for a longer time.

Heat control features – To avoid exposing your hair to high heat for longer periods, features like auto heat cut off are very desirable. The levels of heat and temperature settings will enable you to choose the desired setting as per your requirement.

Travel-friendly features – If you travel frequently, then hair dryers that are compact, lightweight, foldable and easy to carry are your best bet. People who travel overseas should also check for the dual voltage feature.

What makes a great hair dryer?

You’re going to want to consider a hair dryer with adjustable heat and speed settings, including a cool shot button that can help close the cuticle of the hair and lock it in style, preventing frizz once you step off your hair dryer.  You should also make sure that the different attachments fit your hair: they really make a difference on different hair types and textures because they affect the airflow of the hair dryer.

Diffusers are great for people with curly hair as they circulate air to the ends of hair when expanding the air stream from the hair dryer to avoid frizz, which can help define curves and even add volume.

Concentrators narrow the hair dryer’s airflow to blow air directly on the hair for smooth, sleek styles. They come in different sizes for varying purposes: Broad, extended concentrator nozzles are meant for larger surfaces and are “useful for thick and long hair as they help it dry faster. Short, narrow concentrator nozzles provide curly and frizzy hair the opportunity for a sleek blowout since their powerful flows are great for eliminating frizz.

Have a Look at Best Hair Dryers

1. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson’s Supersonic Hair Dryer proves that it’s money well-spent. It not only looks good – albeit a bit different than other dryers – but its performance is also second-to-none. The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is engineered to protect hair from extreme heat damage, with the fastest drying+ and controlled styling to help increase smoothness by 75%, increase shine by up to 132% and decrease frizz and flyaways by up to 61%.

Hair Dryer



  • Ultra-fast drying; For fast drying, you need to be controlled, high-velocity airflow.
  • Magnetic attachments Dyson smoothing nozzle, styling concentrator, and diffuser.
  • Lightweight and balanced; We’ve turned convention on its head and put the motor in the handle.
  • Acoustically tuned; The powerful motor is tuned to produce one inaudible frequency.
  • Cool to touch; With heat shield technology, the surfaces of the attachments stay cool; Negative ions Help reduce static.
  • 4 precise heat settings fast drying & styling, regular drying, gentle drying, and constant cold.
  • 3 precise speed settings fast drying, regular drying, and gentle drying.


  1. Powerful airflow.
  2. Lightweight and easy to handle.
  3. A variety of settings to adjust heat and airflow.


  1. The cord is a bit bulky for some.

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2. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

BaBylissPRO is a world leader in hair care and styling tools, known for creating endless possibilities. These professional tools help you get salon-quality results at home. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino Dryer is equipped with a high-performance 2000-watt Italian motor, enhanced with nano titanium technology to distribute heat evenly for optimal results. The negative ions generated by the dryer will remove any static electricity in the hair and close the cuticle for smooth, shiny results.

Hair Dryer



  • Nano Titanium technology.
  • 2000-watt Italian AC motor and Ionic technology.
  • 6 heat/speed settings.
  • Removable stainless-steel rear filter.
  • Limited 4-year warranty.
  • Bonus: 2 concentrator nozzles.

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3. BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Hair Dryer 

BaByliss Pro Ceramix Xtreme Dryer is very easy to handle and maneuver. Power meets technology in this dryer – the ultimate professional! This powerful 2000-watt dryer features ceramic technology to produce extra gentle, even far-infrared heat that protects hair from damage.



  • Handle provides a comfortable and ergonomic grip.
  • Micro concentrator nozzle results in faster drying. Ceramic technology.
  • 2000 watts.
  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • Cool shot.
  • Concentrator nozzle.
  • Removable rear filter.

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4. RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Blow Dryer

The RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer is easy to hold all day, yet powerful enough for all your styling needs. Infused with ceramic and tourmaline, the W8less Dryer emits far-infrared heat waves to penetrate hair more deeply, drying hair faster and eliminating static and frizz.

Hair Dryer



  • The far-infrared rays penetrate the outer cuticle of the hair, drying it from the inside out.
  • Lightweight economically designed ceramic and tourmaline dryer, with extreme power.
  • The W8less Dryer emits far-infrared heat waves to penetrate hair more deeply, drying hair faster and eliminating static and frizz.

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5. Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

The Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer guarantees style with every use. This advanced styling tool features a powerful high-torque DC motor that delivers powerful airflow, helping you dry and style your hair faster. The Tourmaline Ceramic technology generates infrared heat for quick and gentle drying while minimizing heat damage to make hair less frizzy and more manageable.



  • The Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer features Tourmaline Ceramic Technology which helps prevent heat damage and Ionic Conditioning for smooth, shiny-looking hair and less frizz.
  • Powerful high torque DC motor dries hair fast, 5.5-foot power cord.
  • 3 heat and 2-speed settings for all hair types; Cool Shot locks style in place.
  • Hinged filter for easy maintenance and cleaning; No-slip grip for comfortable styling.
  • Includes Diffuser for textured styles and Concentrator for smooth styles.

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 6. Elchim Classic 2001 Blow Dryer

The Elchim Classic 2001 hair dryer is ideal for all hair types but especially thick, coarse hair that typically becomes wild and frizzy after drying. Instead of drying out and damaging your hair like others, our high-quality ceramic dryers emit infrared heat to dry hair gently and evenly.

Hair Dryer




  • Italian professional AC motor, duration over 2,000 hours. Built to last long and create perfect styling.
  • Highly rated by purchasers.
  • Lightweight and relatively quiet compared to others in the category.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Works great for straightening frizzy and curly hair.

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7. Kadori Professional Ceramic L.I.A 2500X Salon Blow Dryer

The Kodori L.I.A (leveled infrared ionic air) delivers breakthrough technology in a professional hairdryer. It combines two of the most important technologies in today’s hairdryers, ionic and far-infrared, to lock in moisture for softer, shinier results that last longer.




  • Proprietary leveled infrared ionic air technology produces unmatched conditioning and shine.
  • The lightweight body reduces arm and hand fatigue.
  • 2 wind speed power, 3 temperature setting & cool shot button.
  • Ergonomically-light weight body (15 oz) to reduce strain to arm and wrists.
  • Extra-long 11ft(3.1m) cord gives you the freedom to style, rubber finish body.
  • The diffuser and concentrator included.

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8. Parlux Parlux Eco-Friendly 3800 Blow Dryer

Parlux 3800 Hair Dryer is made to measure for the hairdresser. The new Eco-Friendly Parlux 3800 Hair Dryer includes a sophisticated built-in silencer patent pending specially designed to reduce noise, allowing the practitioner to use your hairdryer for hours without discomfort for both you and the customer.

Hair Dryer




  • Recyclable materials and Ozone friendly.
  • Low noise built-in silencer.
  • Ozone friendly so it’s better for the environment.
  • Features a silencer which makes it much quieter than most.
  • Tons of airflow makes for fast drying times.
  • Heat and speed settings allow for styling flexibility.
  • 2 speed 4 temp settings.

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9. FHI Powerful Tourmaline Ceramic Blow Dryer

The FHI Heat Platform Nano Salon Pro 2000 Powerful Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer dries hair evenly and reduces drying time up to 50% while producing increased amounts of negative ions to seal in moisture, repel humidity, reduce frizz and help eliminate static.





  • Moisture-locking negative ions seal in vital moisture, repel humidity, reduce frizz and help eliminate static.
  • The Platform 2000 is perfect for blow-drying and styling any hair type and texture.
  • The super-lightweight model reduces hand and arm fatigue.
  • The chrome finish looks super sleek.
  • Tourmaline ceramic repels humidity and reduces frizz.

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10. Turbo Power Twin Turbo 3200 Blow Dryer

The Turbo Power TwinTurbo 3200 Professional hair dryer delivers 1900 Watts of ultra-powerful hair styling to professionals and home users alike. Perhaps the most versatile of all those reviewed, the TwinTurbo features seven different temperature settings along with two-speed settings.





  • Highly rated by purchasers.
  • Recommended by professional hairstylists.
  • Anti-overheating device.
  • Removeable stainless filter.
  • Fast and efficient drying.
  • Great airflow and many temperature options.

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11. ghd Air Hair Dryers

The ghd Hairdryer with a professional-strength motor and advanced ionic technology to deliver exceptionally fast drying and styling, while reducing frizz for a soft, silky finish.





  • Ionic technology locks in moisture to leave hair silky soft.
  • Super powerful 2100 watt motor.
  • Wicked fast drying times.
  • Variable heat and speed settings for customized blowouts.

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12. LumaBella Professional Series Blow Dryer

LumaBella launched with the goal of providing you with innovative beauty tools that deliver best-in-class technology, ultimate performance, and beautiful results. The LumaBella Pure Power Dryer offers a powerful, 1875-watt motor and high airflow to dramatically reduce drying time for faster, more efficient styling. This dryer has a 50 percent reduced drying time compared to a standard Spectrum Brands DC Dryer.






  • Highly rated by users.
  • Delivers good airflow.
  • Fast drying time and prevents static, frizz, and excessive heat damage.
  • Dries hair faster than some.
  • Features an extra-long tangle-free cord.

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13. Sedu Revolution Pro Tourmaline Ionic Hair Dryer

The SEDU Revolution Blow Dryer is both an ionic hair dryer incredible for thick or fizzy hair that’s more difficult to dry and a ceramic hairdryer. The powerful 1875 watt motor is plenty powerful thanks to this dryer’s compact size. That means super-fast drying times, with less frizz and heat damage to your clients’ hair.




  • Professional long-life 1875W AC motor.
  • Powerful 1875 watt motor in a compact unit makes for fast drying.
  • Ergonomic design reduces hand and arm fatigue.
  • The ionic generator can be switched on or off depending on styling needs.
  • Unsurpassed airspeed reduces drying time by 70%.
  • Dedicated Ion Generator switch for styling versatility.
  • Ceramic componentry reduces frizz and static by 90%.
  • Handmade in France.

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14. Masterpiece Pro Ionic Professional Hair Dryer

The 6th Sense Masterpiece Professional Hair Dryer is entirely handcrafted in France for Europe’s finest salons, hotels, and spas. It features the legendary reliability and unheard-of quality with a long-life motor that will easily outlast any drugstore blow dryer.




  • It features legendary reliability and unheard-of quality. Its long-life motor will outlast your drugstore dryer and you will never look back.
  • Highly rated by purchasers.
  • Small and lightweight, but delivers professional-level power.
  • On/Off ionic setting lets you choose between volume and smoothness.

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15. Sam Villa Light Professional Ionic Blow Dryer

The Sam Villa Light Professional Ionic Blow Dryer is an award-winning salon quality hair dryer preferred by hairdressers and stylists. It delivers powerful airflow, is whisper quiet and reduces fatigue because of the lightweight design. Create brilliant shine, reduce static and frizz and create smooth, sleek finishes with the built-in ceramic/tourmaline ion generation




  • Maintain hair’s natural hydration with fast drying time, resulting in brilliant shine.
  • Use on damp hair to remove moisture and dry hair to style hair.
  • Highly recommended by professional stylists.
  • Lightweight to reduce hand, arm and shoulder fatigue.
  • Dries hair super fast without the frizz.

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16. Panasonic EH-NA65-K nano Hair Dryer

The Panasonic EH-NA65-K hair dryer draws moisture from the air and creates super-fine, moisture-rich nanoparticles that penetrate every shaft of the hair to enhance smoothness, maintain shine and reduce damage from heat and everyday brushing.




  • Panasonic nano hair dryer is shown to reduce damage caused everyday brushing and enhance hair’s smoothness and shine.
  • Panasonic nanotechnology draws moisture from the air to gently infuse nanoparticles, which hold 1000x more moisture than regular ions, into every shaft of hair so you can dry hair without drying it out.
  • Style while you dry with three pro-quality attachments: Dual airflow Quick-Dry Nozzle helps dry hair faster Concentrator Nozzle provides focused airflow for precise styling; Full-sized Diffuser adds volume while combating frizz.
  • Provides 2 speeds and 3 temperature settings for different styles and drying times, plus hot, warm and cool settings for different hair types.
  • This powerful yet quiet 1875 Watt blow dryer also features a cool shot button, easy-clean filter and 9 foot rotating power cord with a convenient hanging loop.

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17. Revlon Compact And Lightweight Hair Dryer

Revlon Hair Tools is dedicated to helping women achieve beautiful hair they’ll love! Whether women desire gorgeous blowouts, big enviable waves, striking straight locks, or the perfect fashion accessory to complete the look, Revlon has the styling tools you desire.



ABOUT THE PRODUCT: Small and compact, this blow dryer is great for travel. Quickly dry and style your hair with 2 heat and speed settings to suit your personal needs and use the cool shot setting to set the style. With removable end cap for easy cleaning and maintenance. Features a hanging ring for easy storage, protective anti-slip bumpers, and a lightweight and compact design. Black hair dryer.


  • Compact and Lightweight Design, Perfect for Travel.
  • 2 heat/speed settings for drying and styling flexibility and control.
  • Cool Shot Button help to set the look for a gorgeous, long lasting results.
  • Available in 3 Colors.

18. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush

The Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer is a designed Hot Air Brush to deliver gorgeous volume and brilliant shine in a single step. The unique oval brush design smooth hair while the rounded edges quickly create volume at the root and beautifully full-bodied curls at the ends in a single pass, for salon blowouts at home. The brush is designed with Nylon Pin and Tufted Bristles for detangling, improved volume and control.




  • Revlon One Step Hair Dryer Volumizer Brush. Non-detachable brush head
  • The same Brush designed with Nylon Pin & Tufted Bristles for detangling, improved volume and control. Unique Oval Brush Design for Smoothing the Hair, while the Round Edges Create Volume
  • 1100 Watt power provides just the right heat. Unlike conventional hair dryers, this volumizer can be placed closer to the scalp for lift.
  • Built with a genuine ION generator to promote fast drying and create styles full of shine and healthy looking hair. Ceramic Coating helps protect hair from over styling with even heat distribution that penetrates hair quickly and dries from the inside out
  • Safety First: The Revlon One Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer meets U.S. safety requirements and proudly features the ETL Certification seal (look for the ‘test’ button on the plug which is required for all hair dryers in the U.S.)
  • 4 year limited warranty

19. Revlon 1875W Volume Booster Hair Dryer

Revlon Hair Tools is dedicated to helping women achieve beautiful hair they’ll love! Whether women desire gorgeous blowouts, big enviable waves, striking straight locks, or the perfect fashion accessory to complete the look, Revlon has the styling tools you desire. Our Essentials line provides you with your everyday essentials.



ABOUT THE PRODUCT: For voluminous lift and body, the 1875-watt Revlon Volume Booster hair dryer features 3 Heat/2 Speed settings for complete drying and styling flexibility. This supreme hair styler is equipped with a volumizing finger diffuser that softens airflow to define natural curls and waves. The IONIC TECHNOLOGY of this Revlon hair dryer uses negative ions that help maintain a neutral charge on the hair’s surface, leaving it looking conditioned and smooth, while helping reduce frizz and static for healthy, shiny hair. Features of this blow dryer also include a Cool Shot Button that releases cool air to lock in the hairstyle.


  • 1875 Watt drying power for voluminous lift and body
  • 3 Heat / 2 Speed Settings for complete styling flexibility
  • Cool Shot button to set your style. Removable End Cap, Protective Anti-Slip Bumpers
  • Smoothing Concentrator for Precise Drying and Styling
  • Volumizing Diffuser Softens Airflow to Define Natural Curls and Waves


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can use a hairdryer ultimately damage my hair?

A hairdryer will react to your hair depending on how you use it. If you constantly use the hair dryer on a high heat level every day and keep using it even after your hair is dry, it will definitely cause damage to your hair over time.

2. What wattage should I look for in a hair dryer?

Most hair dryers come with a wattage of above 1,000 watts. The higher the wattage, the faster the hair dryer will work on your hair. Also, choose an ionic dryer because these dryers will not only dry your hair faster, but they say that ionic dryers normally speed up the drying process by up to 70%

3. Which hair dryer do I need if my hair is extra fizzy?

Now, for hair that is extra fizzy, you will need to get a hair dryer that has the Tourmaline and ionic settings. These are able to give off negative ions that help with the breakup of water droplets so you can get faster hair drying. As a result of this, your hair will be less frizzy after drying.

4. Can I find one with a permanent cool setting?

Now, most hair dryers will have a cool setting. This is the low heat, which is perfect for fragile and sensitive hair.

5. What is the suitable hair dryer for curly hair?

If you are looking for a hairdryer that embraces your hair’s natural texture, then look for a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment. Curly hair has a different texture than other hair types. The diffuser will smoothen and lock the curls.


We hope this list will help you select the best hair dryer for your valuable hair now. It is important not to compromise on quality when it comes to your hair because this will inevitably affect the quality of your hair. To always have smooth, healthy and beautiful hair, choose a good quality hair dryer that you can afford.

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