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Braun Series 9 9090cc Reviews, Price, Performance

The Braun Series 9 9090cc is the new top model in the Braun electric shavers. We shaved using the Braun Series 9 and give our review on the device in terms of quality, price, and performance. The first thing that will blow your mind about the Braun Series 9 9090cc is its extremely high retail price of almost $500. This may seem a little exaggerated but given the promised results, one can live with it. Furthermore, it is possible to get the shaver at a better price of around $270 from online stores such as Amazon. Still a lot of money but again, it is worth every dollar spent.


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For that price, you get the top model in the Braun Series 9 dry shaver portfolio. Its predecessor, the Braun Series 7 was launched six years ago and has been the crowning jewel of the Braun shaver revolution. If you browse a bit in the various internet review site, it quickly becomes apparent that the Braun Series 7 is still at the top of the leader boards.

Now, the Braun Series 9 will represent a change of guard in the Braun family of shavers. In the Braun series 9 there are five distinct shavers – the Braun 9090cc, 9095cc, 9055cc, 9040s and 9030s. This review is going to look at the Braun Series 9 9090cc which is a pure dry shaver that comes with Cleaning and Charging Station and which is not short on neologisms.

From the SyncroSonic Technology through to the Hyper Lift & Cut Trimmer to the OptiFoil, this shaver has a raft of new and impressive shaver technology.




  • Excellent shave
  • Practical cleaning station
  • Good battery performance and battery display




  • Expensive
  • Trimmer cannot handle long beards properly



Braun Series 9 9090cc Haptics
From the moment you unpack this device and place it in your hands, you will get the feeling that you are holding something of real quality and value. That is despite the fact that the Braun 9090cc is made almost entirely of plastic. Maybe this is because the shaver was made entirely in Germany. The partially rubberized grip ensures that the shaver does not slip out of your hands even with wet hands.

Braun 9090cc Battery
I was a little surprised that the razor was completely empty when unpacking. Battery life is one of the most important features of a battery and I was expecting a good quality battery from Braun given the fact that they use lithium-ion technology.

The shaver did not disappoint because after exactly 60 minutes of charging it was full. With a full charge, the Braun 9090cc is able to shave for about 50 minutes cordless. In the awkward moment that the shaver loses charge in the middle of shaving, it takes only five minutes to give it an emergency charge that will be enough to complete the shave. Or even easier- you can shave with the power cord attached. The chic display systematically shows the battery level with the last 9 minutes displayed numerically in a countdown timer mode.

Braun 9090cc Charge & Cleaning Station
The display also indicates the degree of contamination of the Braun Series 9 9090cc. When the light is red, this indicates that the cleaning station is in use and it also serves as a charging station. The cleaning process is in five steps and takes about five minutes including drying.

Inside the cleaning station, there is a cleaning cartridge that needs to be replaced from time to time. To increase the life of the cleaning cartridge, it is advisable to gently shave the shaving head so as to remove as many loose hairs as possible. After cleaning the shaver in the station, it is left smelling fresh and not a single hair will be found on the shaving head.

Shaving with the Braun 9090cc
Before using the wide shaver head on your sprawling hair growth, you will have to first get rid of the scrub. For this, the Braun 9090cc has an in-built trimmer that is easily extended by sliding your thumb.

This shaver is also good for the perfect beard and sideburns and will meet and surpass all your expectations.

The real highlight of the shaver without question is the four-way shear system. There are many shavers in the market especially the rotary types but the Braun Series 9 is one of the few foil shavers which moves the shaving head sideways.

In fact, I am thrilled by shaving using the 9090cc and in my honest opinion, its performance far surpasses what they advertise in their infomercials. The shave is fast and will catch significantly more stubble than one is used to with other shavers. This shaver is optimally suited for daily shaving as there is no irritation despite the very close shaving.


The Braun Series 9 9090cc at $290 is certainly no bargain. That said, the shaver has a lot to offer. It looks great and works well with every detail thought out. In addition to that, it comes with a hygienic cleaning station and a very good battery life.

But the real strength of the shaver is it really close shaving. Here you will realize that Braun’s decades of expertise have really been applied in its flagship shavers. Shaving is achieved incredibly fast and thoroughly but with unprecedented gentleness to the skin.

The trimmer is not so impressive but will do for the styling of the beards and sideburns. If you have a longer than seven-day beard you would probably want to invest in a more specialized trimmer as the 9090cc is more or less designed as a shaver.

The Braun Series 9 9090cc is a great electric shaver for those who can afford it. Alternatively, the Braun Series 7 799cc is also a great shaver that performs as well and costs less. Additionally, its cleaning station will cost as much as $70 less than that of the Braun Series 9 9090cc.

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