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Gillette Fusion ProGlide Blades 16 Pack Review

The Gillette Fusion blades with the addition ProGlide in the name are the latest, most innovative and most expensive blade system in the market. Here, Gillette has incorporated years of research and development work and has made lots of improvements compared to its predecessors the Mach3 and Fusion (without ProGlide). Only the battery-operated “power†versions are a little more expensive, but otherwise, they are almost identical.


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So if you are looking for the best wet-shaving device but prefer a conventional razor without vibration, the Yellow1Fusion ProGlide could just be the thing for you.

Our test seeks to show whether the ProGlide Blades are the alternative to the Mach3 or Fusion blades and how it stacks up to the ProGlide Power.

  • Thinner, finer blades glide effortlessly through the beardless pulling and tearing four main blades vs. fusion
  • A micro comb helps the blade to guide
  • Plus 1 Precision Trimmer blade on the back, ideal for difficult areas such as sideburns
  • Improved Lubrastrip indicator; Five-blade shaving surface has five blades spaced closer together, thus helping to reduce the pressure
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Gillette Fusion ProGlide Features and Review

The blade head of the Gillette ProGlide houses 5 parallel blades that are designed to provide a comfortable shave. At the front of the blades of most Fusion models, there are micro-blades which are attached and these stretch the skin and straighten the hair in the process.

At the other end of the blade, the head is the blue Lubrastrip. This improvement makes the blade glide better on the skin. Another function of the strips is to indicate the lifespan of the blade. When the strip is faded and the blue color is almost completely gone, it is usually time for an exchange. This is however no more than just a good guide as in the test we had blades that were already completely faded but still did a more than satisfactory job.
As with all Fusion blade heads, the ProGlide is also on the back of a special trimmer blade. This allows access to difficult passages, especially around the nose.

The test results show that the Gillette Fusion Proglide does what the generous features promise. The razor glides especially well on the facial skin and there is no pulling or scratching which means there is no skin irritation.

The trimmer also works very nicely and compared to the Mach3, this is a real improvement in terms of shaving and skin irritation. The vibration Fusion Proglide is a very effective addition to the device that gives it a very clear edge over its predecessors. The same applies to the durability of the device and expect it to outlast most products in this category.


At just over $5 dollars per piece, the Gillette Fusion Proglide Blades are one of the most expensive in the market. Despite this fact, they are also the best in their category. If you have been using cheaper blades and are no longer satisfied with their performance, you should try the Gillette Fusion Proglide blades – they are a clear winner.

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