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Panasonic ES-RF31 – Review

The Panasonic ES-RF31 is an ideal wet/dry shaver that can compete in terms of performance and skin protection with completion in the same price range. Panasonic has a very wide range of electric shavers that are available in all price ranges.

From the entry model that goes for less than $50 to the high-end segment, there will be always a shaver for everybody. Nevertheless, one can only marginally distinguish between the two top dogs in the market today – Philips and Braun. The ES-RF31 is one of the most popular models from Panasonic and goes for around $80. This price is targeted at the middle-class and our test will show exactly where it fits on our leader board.

The Panasonic ES-RF31 comes with the following features and specifications as standard:

  • 4-stage cutting head.
  • Dry and wet application.
  • Super-sharp 30-degree blade.
  • Flexible shaving head.
  • Wirelessly charged Li-ion battery that guarantees long operational life.

Panasonic Arc4 Electric Razor

Given its current price, one would think that the Panasonic ES-RF31 comes with a small handful of accessories. But on the contrary. Together with the razor is something of a travel bag in which you can store the device while traveling. In addition, there is the mandatory charging cable, a protective cap for the shaving head and a small cleaning brush. There is a built-in trimmer which is simply pushed at the back using the thumbs. The actual shaving head is very flexible and has an arcuate outer foil which ensures optimal contour adjustment.



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The Lithium-ion has a travel lock that prevents accidental activation of the shaver while inside the traveling case. There is also a three-stage LED display that provides information about the status of the battery. Like most modern electric shavers, the Panasonic ES-RF31 is completely water-proof and therefore can be cleaned under the tap. In addition, the shaver can be used as a wet shaver in the shower, bath, and end even with shaving cream. This is no mean achievement given its price range.

PanasonicES-RF31Test result

  • The performance of the Panasonic ES-RF31 is decent though not quite as solid as its well-known competition. The plastic housing looks a little cheap which is probably because the shaver is not particularly difficult and is quite easy on the hand.
  • Nevertheless, the ES-RF31 is ergonomic design and easy to operate. Due to its design, it is much louder than a rotary shaver and for those looking for a quiet machine, they should check out other Panasonic models.
  • The ES-RF31 does not come with a clean station but fortunately, it is well designed for manual cleaning. To clean the shaver, you simply remove the housing of the shaving head and clean it under running water as well as the now exposed blades.
  • The integrated trimmer is located deeply in the device ad so lint and threads from the towel will easily cling onto the device when drying.
  • For simple grooming of the side-burns, the device works very well but complicated beards or larger areas might present a problem. This is because the trimmer is too narrow which is not effective for such uses.
  • The built-in Lithium-Ion battery promises durability and is fully charged after about an hour which gives it about 70 minutes of continuous operation.
  • The dry shaving itself is unfortunately only moderately successful. One must repeat the same area in order to achieve a reasonably good result. This is especially true of the neck and chin area which even after a few minutes does not result in a clean shave as you can feel that not all hairs and stubble have been caught.
  • For sensitive skin, this can lead to redness because of the rough treatment that you give the skin when trying to remove all the hair.
  • The ES-RF31 is, therefore, better when presented as a wet shaver, with shaving cream. Here the result is much better. If you are looking for a low-priced combined razor, you can give the Panasonic ES-RF31 a try and if you are not satisfied, there is always the money-back guarantee from Panasonic to fall back on.


PanasonicES-RF31_2The Panasonic ES-RF31 falls short of our expectations as compared to other electric shavers. Despite decent performance and extensive features, the device falls short in major rest categories such as shaving and skin comfort.

A thorough shave is achieved after only a few strokes and this does not leave any redness on the skin. The built-in long hair trimmer can be activated by pushing upwards but is only suitable for trimming because it is too narrow for larger surfaces as it is only 2cm wide. This is ok as the ES-RF31 does not sell itself as a trimmer.

The shaving head swivels to the side with gentle pressure and easily adapts to the facial contours. The round shaving foils slide easily over the skin. In the shear head, there are four blades with one of the blades for cutting longer hairs while the remaining three blades cut the hair flush to the skin. This makes shaving totally enjoyable.

PanasonicES-RF31_3The case is round and has no edges, therefore, the ES-RF31 feels good in the hand. With its weight of 191gms, the shaver is also lightweight and very ergonomic and easy to handle.Panasonic-RF31_3

A useful battery indicator provides information on its status. The charge lasts for over an hour in operation after charging for around fifty minutes. The switch is located in a strategic position right under your thumb. By means of a locking device, the switch prevents accidental switching on, for example in a packed suitcase.

The housing of the shaving head can be easily removed and cleaned under running water. Likewise, the exposed blades can easily be rinsed off with water. With the razor comes a small two-sided brush that can be used to brush off smaller hairs.

In terms of price-performance ratio, the Panasonic ES-RF31’s price matches its performance very well and it is highly recommended.

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