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Remington F7800 Dual Shaver Review

he Remington F7800 dual shaver proves that the competition is not sleeping and that the supremacy of Philips and Braun (at least in pricing) is under threat. This test shows that Americans can also make good quality electric shavers.

Remington Shavers

Remington has clearly positioned itself with its portfolio of electric shavers that are focussed on the lower price segment. None of the foil and rotary shavers offered to exceed the $120 mark. Even the top model among the foil shavers, the 7800, is significantly lower at around $70.


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In America, Remington is the leading manufacturer of electric shavers, unlike in Europe where Philips and Braun have been dominant for many years. This review will show whether the Remington F7800 has what it takes to win the market wars with the European brands.

Remington F7800 Equipment

Consistent with other devices in it’s stable, Remington has used the traditional razor technology on the F7800 – devoid of any innovation. While technological innovations are the preserve of the European manufacturers, Remington tries to lure its customers with low prices and traditional technologies.

The Remington F7800 comes with two flexible shaving foils with an intercept trimmer. The foils give an optimized angle for cutting short stubble while the trimmer will effectively shorten the longer hairs.

The so-called Flex & Pivot technology consists of a movable shaving unit and floating foils. Together, they ensure optimum contour adjustment and keep cool in the known problem areas such as the neck for a close shave. These traditional methods are only available in the lowest price segments and you may be curious how the F7800 performs in the test.

Getting both a charging station and storage bag for a shaver at this price point is a rarity and indeed is what sets the F7800 apart from the rest. The shaver is equipped with a digital display which gives up to the minute information on the remaining life of the batteries.

According to the manual, the charging time is 120 minutes with the possibility of rapid charging which makes the F7800 ready for use in approximately 5 minutes.

The Remington F7800 is a purely dry shaver, but at least is washable and, therefore, easy to clean under the tap

Test Result

The Remington F7800 has a neat appearance. Although the razor is slightly bigger than that of the competition, it fits comfortably in the hand. It is not too heavy and will certainly not win any design awards, but will work well for the intended use.

You can insert the F7800 in the charging station for cleaning and charging the battery at the same time. Another clear advantage is that the shaver can be used while connected directly to the cord which is useful especially for travelers.

The integrated back-up trimmer is moderately good for grooming sideburns or mustaches. It, of course, cannot compare with the high-priced trimmers, but it has the advantage that the simple design means that the care and cleaning of the device are easy. The head is removed and simply rinsed off with warm water.

When it comes to the actual shaving, the Remington F7800 is fundamentally sound. This is despite the simple technical specifications and the fact that you may need to repeat the shave several times before getting a clean result.

This means that it will take you a little longer than usual to achieve a clean shave.

Typical of a foil shaver, the device is quite loud and the vibration too palpable. Sensitive skin can easily be irritated but there is little evidence that this is excessive.

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