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What is the Best Shaving Brush?

A Shaving brush is used in wet-shaving to lather your face after applying shaving cream. A good shaving brush is important as it will enrich your shaving experience. Whether you are new to wet-shaving or have been a part of it for a long time, you need to get the best products. Today we will discuss the best shaving brush and the qualities it needs to have. Shaving brushes might look the same to you, but some brushes can be hard and pricky and others might not lather your face as nicely and others might just lose their bristles after a few uses. Therefore, choosing the best shaving brush will definitely provide you with a much nicer shaving experience.


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The shaving brush can be a great gift for Christmas or Thanksgiving. Try giving them a complete set with the best shaving cream, best razor, and a great shaving stand to hold these items.

What is the Best Shaving Brush?
There are generally 3 types of shaving brushes. The design of the three types of brushes is nearly the same. The difference lies in the material that is used to make the bristles. The three options that you have are boar hair, synthetic hair, and badger hair bristles. The badger hair bristles provide the best quality and are the softest. The other two options are not as soft and might not provide as good of a quality as the badger hair. The brush that we will review today is made of badger hair. Perfect 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush.


  • Made of 100% pure badger hair.
  • Soft bristles gently exfoliate your skin.
  • Great comfortable grip.
  • Inexpensive while providing excellent quality.

With over a 1000+ reviews with a solid 4.7 rating on Amazon, the Perfecto Pure Badger Shaving brush is perhaps the best shaving brush for its price. There are a few reasons for its popularity amongst men. First off, the Perfecto Shaving Brush uses the highest quality badger hair. Compared to other types of brushes that use boar or synthetic hair as bristles, the badger hair bristles provides superior quality. You will notice this difference if you haven’t used this brush before.

Feature: Soft Bristles
The Perfecto shaving brush bristles are very soft to touch. If you have been using shaving brushes that feel pricky or hard, you should definitely switch over to a shaving brush that has softer bristles like the Perfecto Shaving brush. Like with many other shaving brushes, some bristles may fall off during the first few uses. This is expected. Do not be alarmed if this happens. After the first few uses, your shaving brush will shed no bristles at all and will surely last you a long time.

Feature: Great Handle
The handle for this brush is designed and engineered to provide you the highest level of comfort when shaving. The grip on the handle is nice and you won’t have to worry about dropping your brush when you are shaving. The shape of the brush also allows for it to be easily placed in a brush stand such as the Perfecto Deluxe Razor and Brush stand.

Overall: Highly-Recommended
If you get bumps or irritation during your shave, maybe applying the shaving cream using a soft brush such as this will reduce your irritation and increase the shaving experience. The brush will gently exfoliate your face and provide a smooth shave. The bristles of the brush are so smooth that if you have a wife or a girlfriend, they might get tempted to use the brush to apply makeup. The soft bristles will definitely provide great care for your skin.

If you do not already, we definitely recommend you try to a good pre-shave oil before lathering up your face with shaving cream to get the ultimate shaving experience.

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