Panasonic ES-ED90-P503 Wet & Dry Epilator Review

The Panasonic ES-ED90 can compete very well with other top epilators and proves in the review as one of the fastest epilators in the market today. For this purpose, it is lavishly equipped and offers a compelling price-performance ratio. Only some minor weaknesses prevent it from taking the overall prize as the best epilator.

Panasonic ES-ED90-P503 Epilator Wet & Dry The Panasonic ES-ED90-P503 epilator comes with the following features and specifications as standard:

  • Pedicure attachment and LED light.
  • 48 tweezers.
  • Cordless battery operation.
  • Wet and Dry application.
  • Included in the delivery: Panasonic ED90-P503 Edition Wet/Dry Epilator.

Panasonic ES-ED90-P503

In the Panasonic product range, the ES-ED90 occupies one of the top positions. This review reveals that apart from the price of $75, the ES-ED90 has technical characteristics that put it in a clear position to be in the number one position. It has 48 tweezers that can be used either wet or dry and is supplied with a formidable equipment package. And not only does the technical data speak for itself, but the Panasonic has also continuously received raving reviews from customers. It is therefore interesting to see how the ES-ED90 performs in our test, especially in comparison with the top dogs from the Braun Silk Epil Series of epilators.


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The Panasonic ES-ED90-P503 is a wet epilator and can, therefore, be used in the shower or tub. The manufacturer recommends that you use it with foam to make the treatment as gentle as possible. PanasonicESED90_2Logically, the epilator is fully water-proof and besides the use with water, it can, of course, be also wet cleaned. The epilation head has a total of 48 tweezers which is more than most other devices available and promises a particularly quick and easy hair removal.

The head is also movable and can be tilted up to 60 °. Thus the ES-ED90 is always optimally set to adapt to the skin contours and also get very short hairs. The LED lighting in modern epilators is almost standard and so is it with the ES-ED90. This allows even the finest hairs to be clearly visualized. You can also choose between two speeds. The slower of the two is ideal for beginners and pain-sensitive girls, while the faster one makes it possible to do the epilation quickly. The battery is charged in an hour and that allows around forty minutes of operation. In addition to the epilator itself, there is a small cloth bag as well as no fewer than six attachments.

These attachments include one for shaving, a long-hair trimmer, a skin protector attachment, special epilator attachment for underarms and bikini area and a corneal attachment.

Test Result – A Convincing Product with only Minor Weaknesses

  • PanasonicESED90 The pink metallic design is well done and looks funkier than the more restrained exterior of its competitor from Braun. This is a matter of taste, but the Panasonic cannot keep up with the Braun’s workmanship and use of material.
  • Do not get me wrong, function-wise the Panasonic is neat and coherent but the Braun definitely gives the impression of higher quality.
  • The attachments of the Panasonic ES-ED90-P503 appear to be loosely attached and feel like they will fall at any moment. This can be a problem especially on sensitive parts of the body which might result in injury if not careful.
  • When used as a normal epilator, you will feel the benefit of having 48 tweezers on the machine – hardly any other device removes hair as fast and cleanly as the Panasonic ES-ED90. You will feel a slight twinge but a soak in the hot tub will make the experience more bearable.
  • The light works great and really makes all the remaining hairs visible. The accompanying attachments perform their function well and the shaver turns out to be very useful.
  • Some effort was made in the design of the Panasonic ES-ED90 to make it easy to clean. The hair that accumulates between the rollers is easy to remove either with a brush or simply under running water.
  • The ease of operation and maintenance of the epilator makes it suitable for ladies of all ages.

Panasonic ES-ED90 is one of the fastest and most accurate epilators in the market today. At a price of $80, only the loose-fitting attachments and the somewhat cumbersome cleaning tarnish its image. Nevertheless, we give a very strong buy recommendation for the product.