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Best Double Edge Safety Razor Blades Review


Best Double Edge Safety Razor BladesFacial grooming is a part of every man’s life. A well-groomed man is very particular about his facial hair, may it be a clean-shaven look or some sort of facial hairstyle. Choosing the right facial hair shaving razor is very critical in achieving the desired look. Razors come in many different shapes and sizes, all of which have their own best uses and purposes, some are better than others in different situations. The most classic style of a razor is the Double Edge Safety Razor. Double Edge Safety Razor is a very effective razor to achieve a smooth and clean shave or to be used for doing the details of a perfect facial hairstyle. The smoothness of the shave is mainly dependent on the quality of razor used.

Double Edge Razors versus Other Razors
A lot of men use cartridge razors or straight edge razors when shaving, however, that may not be the best way of shaving. There are few reasons as to why double edge razors are superior to other razors. They provide a smooth, close shave and require less maintenance. The double edge razor cuts your facial hair without pulling or burning the skin. Although it makes take a long time to shave, the double edge razor will provide the best results. A straight edge razor might be faster, but if you are experiencing burns or hair pulling, maybe it is time to try a different razor.

Today, we will look at the Best Double Edge Safety Razor Blades available and help you narrow down your choices if you want to start using double edge safety razors.

List of the Best Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

First on our list is the Derby razor blade. The Derby Razorblade is very popular amongst the wet-shaving community and there are several reasons as to why. The blades themselves are manufactured in Sweden so there is no compromise on quality. Made from stainless steel and coated with a polymer, these blades will provide you with an excellent shaving experience. Many men have reported these blades to be very effective for men with sensitive skin.

They’ve been known to be less aggressive and more forgiving on the skin. If you are someone who gets skin burns after shaving, maybe try this Derby razor blade. The blades’ quality and performance can be compared to more expensive brands such as Feathers with the difference being that these blades cost a fraction of a price. If you want blades that provide great comfort for your sensitive skin and are long-lasting, then try the Derby razor blades.



The Personna Double Edge Razor Blades also made it to our list of the Best Double Edge Razor Blades. Made in America, these blades offer an excellent shave leaving your skin feeling smooth to the touch. The Personna Double Edge Razor blades will fit nearly all razors. The stainless steel blade is sharp and gives great definition and detail to facial hair.

The blades are excellent for a clean shave and also great for different facial hairstyles with a sharp and crisp finish. Like the previous blades, these blades also offer a close shave for sensitive skin. Many people try expensive blades but never find out that they can get the same results as other more economical blades. These blades offer great high-quality shave at a great price.


The Merkur-Razor Double Edge Razor Blades are also very popular amongst men. These German razor blades are made of high-quality stainless and offer sharp shave. Men spent a lot of money on expensive blades, however, it does not have to be like that.

Merkur-Razor blades are one of those blades that offer an excellent shave at a very economical price. That’s how razors should be. You shouldn’t be paying tons of money on something that shouldn’t cost that much. The Merkur-Razor blades are great, but you need to be careful that you know how to shave properly. You may get burns with any blade if you do not know how to shave properly.



All three blades offer a great quality shave. Some blades might work for others better so you will have to check which one works for you. In our research, the Personna Double Edge Razor blades offer excellent quality for the price. Another reason to get these blades is they are made in America. We would recommend to also try the Art of Shaving brush when using a good quality cream such as Art of Shaving cream for an even better shave.


Remember, any razor can give you a burn if you do not know how to shave properly. You can watch the following video if you need tips and guidelines on how to shave. Do not compromise on the quality of your blade and remember a good quality blade will leave your skin feeling healthy and smooth.