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Best Straight Razors for Men for Sharp and Effective Shaving Guide

Shaving is just a daily task for most people to complete every morning. Not every guy likes to splatter their head with shaving cream and run a sharp razor down their neck just after they wake up. Shaving is just a regular job to complete every morning for many people. Not all guys like to shave their heads with hard cream and just after they wake up, run a blunt razor down their throats.

Things to consider before purchasing straight Razor

  1. Blade Type.
  2. Blade Width.
  3. Vintage vs Modern Straight Razors.
  4. Temper.
  5. Material.
  6. Grind.

The 4 Best Straight Razors of 2022


Dovo is the world’s leading manufacturer of straight razors. Hand-Crafted with over 80 unique manufacturing steps in Solingen, this razor evokes an earlier time. The Dovo Carbon Steel straight razor is marketed by the company as being the “Best Quality” and it would be hard to argue with that statement.

Key Features of Dovo Best Straight Razor​

  • The wooden Dovo Straight Razor handle is made of olive wood and not only looks great but provides a strong grip that won’t slip in your hand.
  • The Dovo Straight Razor has a simple design that’s both elegant and stylish. It simply looks good.
  • Material carbon steel blade, ebony handle.
  • Blade 5/8”, half-hollow, rounded point.
  • The edge of the blade is as fine as you’ll get with any straight razor. It not only enhances your shave but gives it a graceful feel that doesn’t require you to apply extra pressure.


  • Excellent for beginners.
  • Finely-crafted blade.
  • Wooden handle looks great, provides great grip.


  • You’ll need to strop it before using it.
  • Sometimes requires repeating strokes.

Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor

This Feather Razor is a very well-designed lightweight straight razor and the blades made to be used with it are very feather SS Japanese straight razor is a powerful rashing tec with a convenient handle and high-quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel blade holder.

Key Features of Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor

  • Super engineered resin handle for excellent grip.
  • Feather has created the most innovative razor in the world.
  • Heat-resistant gum handle (up to 135 C, 275 F).


  • Blade’s sharpness is second to none.
  • Easy to replace the blade.
  • Lightweight design makes it easier to use.


  • Sensitive skin might feel the harshness in the beginning.
  • The operational noise can be a nuisance in the beginning.


This is a complete straight razor kit. This kit comes with everything you need to start your journey down the wet shaving road toward a great looking face. Straight razor shaving is a great way to start your day and with our complete kit, you (or your loved one) will have everything they need to get started.

Everything you need in one purchase:

  • Stainless Steel Blade.
  • Leather Travel Case.
  • Leather Strop with Brass.
  • Badger Friendly Wood Brush.
  • Natural Shaving Soap – 200 ml.
  • Sharpening Paste.
  • Awesome reusable wood box.

Key Features of Naked Armor Amazing Straight Razor Shaving Kit

  • Feel the difference of the Genuine Japanese Steel blade honed to perfection against your skin in our men’s straight razor kit.
  • Using a straight razor helps reduce the amount of plastic that goes into landfills—that is good for everyone.
  • A stainless steel blade that will never rust or chip maintains a sharp edge for the perfect shave.
  • Leather Strop with brass hardware to keep the edge of your blade forever sharp.
  • It comes with a nice oil coat of love to help protect the blade while in transit to your home strop wax to keep it sharp.


  • Very sharp Japanese steel blade.
  • Gives a very close shave.
  • It comes with a leather strop, travel case, sharpening wax, handmade soap and wood brush.
  • Lifetime and money back guarantee.


  • Not for beginners as they can cut themselves and very expensive.


The Feather DX is a serious business and great for purist shaving. Thanks largely to its wooden handle, it looks good and provides a smooth, close shave particularly if you have an experienced hand with straight razor shaving.

Key Features of Feather Artist Club DX Folding Wood Handle Razor

  • Resinated wooden handle razor.
  • The body is made from sus316 stainless steel, which is resilient to chemicals and rust.
  • The metal body is treated with finishing material so the razor head and blade glide smoothly against the skin.


  • Resinated wooden handle razor.
  • The body is made from sus316 stainless steel, which is resilient to chemicals and rust.
  • The metal body is treated with finishing material so the razor head and blade glide smoothly against the skin.


  • Expensive.

Philips Norelco Shaver 3800 provides a powerful wet or dry shave while protecting your skin especially on hard-to-reach areas like the neck. Norelco AT830 is a PowerTouch, Wet & Dry electric shaver that comes with a lot of handy features and a few drawbacks. The head of this shaver can rotate a little, but not like the SensoTouch, in all three dimensions. This electric shaver is also accessible as a pop-up trimmer and AT830’s battery life is excellent. It gives battery back up for 50 minutes and takes 1 hour to charge completely and 10 shaves on a single charge can be readily available.

Key Features of Philips Norelco 3800, S3311/85

  • Dual Precision heads are designed with slots and holes to quickly and comfortably shave both long and short hair.
  • A great gift, the shaver’s Aquatec Technology allows you to shave wet with gel or foam for extra skin protection or dry for convenience.
  • For best results, replace shaving head every 12 months with an SH50/52 replacement head.
  • The integrated pop-up trimmer is perfect for sideburns and mustache.


  • DualPrecision and Wet & Dry Technology and Very quiet.
  • Comfortable and sensitive skin-friendly.
  • Affordable and Easy to clean.


  • Head can pivot but very little.


There you go, 4 of the best Safety Razors are available right now. These are the top Straight Razors that I have analyzed based on the customer’s reviews and ratings. These Straight Razors buy guide is detailed along with the product reviews that will help to make a decision on your purchase.