Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium Precision Razor Review

When you use the Wilkinson Quattro Titanium Precision razor for the first time, you will want to ask yourself this question – is more always better? More blades, more extras, higher price.

While the Quattro Titanium Precision blade may have its diehard fans, there are questions about its price/performance ratio that we need to take a closer look at. This is because there are many other cheaper blades that give close or even better performance than this razor.

For example, the Hydro 5 has five blades in contrast to the 4 blades of the Quattro. Does that make sense? Do fewer blades provide a better, more expensive shave?


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Quattro Titanium Precision Features

  • 4 blades with high-quality titanium-carbon coating, provides an extremely close and smooth shave with maximum precision.
  • The blades are extremely tough and durable.
  • The precision contour blade on the blade back allows accurate contour cutting the sideburns, beard edge or under the nose.
  • They have been developed specifically for the Quattro Titanium Precision but will fit all the Quattro razor-family.

The razor comes with four precision blades that have a titanium carbon coating for a, particularly long life. They are coated with Aloe Vera and several vitamins to prevent skin irritation. There is an additional blade mounted at the top of the blade head which is intended to facilitate the shaving of, particularly difficult areas.

In addition, there is a battery-operated trimmer at the handle end of the Quattro Titanium Precision razor that can trim beards of different lengths thanks to the adjustable top.

The Quattro is significantly heavier than other wet shavers. This is because of the stainless steel trimmer and the attachment for holding the battery. Despite this, the shaver feels good in the hand and is a little wider than that of other shavers in the same category. Additionally, the shaver is completely waterproof and can safely be used in the shower or bathtub.

Test result

While the list of features that the Quattro comes with are very impressive, the results are not as impressive as would have been expected at that price. In fact, it is only marginally better than that of the much lower Hydro 5 from the same company.

Shaving works well but the battery-operated trimmer only really works well in areas of little or thin hair growth. A heavy beard growth will require a real beard trimmer as the one provider will not be able to keep up. As compared to the Gillette Fusion, the Quattro scores highly in terms of durability as even after 5 shaves the blades are still as good as new.


At a price of around $3 per blade, the Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium Precision achieves a decent but not really good shaving result. The Mach3 is a much cheaper alternative and better in almost all other aspects.

The most disappointing aspect of the razor is the trimmer. In fact, one might be misled to think that it is anywhere close to the performance of the razor. The trimmer is actually really useless because instead of cutting the beards, it simply glides over them. Only now and then does it actually catch some hair which in the end just makes you look like a plucked chicken.

I needed to use a pair of scissors and my old dual-blade razor. The razor’s doing it pretty well but not better than much cheaper blades. In the end, I am completely dissatisfied with the purchase of the razor.